Greg Whitehead – A Pilgrim’s Journey

gregGreg’s life as a believer began in 1976 when he was born-again after reading the “Late Great Planet Earth” by Hal Lindsay. Soon after, he began attending Calvary Chapel Greenacre, where he was grounded in classic Pentecostalism and annointed praise and worship. It was during this time that he “cut his teeth” on Biblical basics through the teachings of Derek Prince, Bob Mumford, Charles Simpson, Malcolm Smith etc and in 1984 Kenneth Copeland’s “Jesus Our Jubillee” series instilled into him an understanding of the the authority and power of the Word of God.

Through a series of events involving 6 different ministers and respected lay people in 1982, God “called” him into ministry. In 1985 he attended Vision Bible College with Harry Westcott and it was at this time he had the privelege to organize the ushering for the International evangelist TL Osborn’s meeting’s in Melbourne and Sydney. Ministering wherever he could in Churhes, homes, on the streets or on the radio he still worked a job to support his young family, and this has taught him many lessons in life that have helped him to empathise with the struggles and pressures of the everyday believer.

In 1991 Kenneth Copeland Ministries invited him to teach with their Faithworks Bible College with which Hillsong, in 1995-2001, adopted as their own.
With a love for the Word of God and Israel, it was inevitable that this led him to investigate the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. He became firmly convinced of its validity at the turn of the Millenium.

“The scriptures encourage us to thoroughly know what we believe by being ready to give everyone an answer to any questions they have. (1Peter 3:15) What I love so much about the Word of God, is its proofs, and I’m finding an unlimited number of proofs in the scriptural texts alone, especially the Hebrew. These proofs encourage me to believe and to engage much more in the Torah than I previously thought was expected of me in the past.”